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Our History...


Wideman Construction Company was founded in 1939 by Clay Wideman and has been a family business for over 70yrs. The company started out in residential construction and installed its first pool which was concrete in the 1950's. In 1980 a banker asked Clay and Dennis Wideman to install a fiberglass pool at his house. The following year they installed a few more pools and by the mid 80's Wideman pools was installing as many as 50 fiberglass pools per year!  Wideman pools is still a locally owned, family business, and continues to provide unsurpassed service with quality products.

We can speak from over 40yrs of proven experience in the fiberglass pool industry that the very best products are still made right here in the USA.​
This picture is of the very first pool Wideman Pools installed in 1980 which has been in use over 40yrs.   (The picture was taken July 2010).  
Everything from our pool lights and PVC fittings, to the pool shell itself, is manufactured here in our country by American companies.  So you can feel good that an investment in your home is helping to keep America going.


San Juan fiberglass pools

Wideman Pools Today ​​

   We are still installing fiberglass pools with more colors and models than ever before!  We buy in bulk and with the ability to spread out the high shipping costs over several pools, we are able to pass on the savings to our customers.  We also sell quality pool chemicals and supplies, offer free water testing in-store, and accept service calls for any pool we have installed.

Wideman Pools Mission

Consistently meeting the customer's expectations with quality workmanship, using reputable manufactures and contractors. Offering the latest in pool design, color, and style to the consumer. Bringing together skill, talent, resources, state-of-the-art engineering, and competitive pricing, thus making a fiberglass pool the best value for the consumer's dollar.


Wideman Pools Vision

Contribute to life's enjoyment by offering a high quality product. Create an environment that will make a healthy, relaxing, fun place for family and friends. Craft a natural place for mental and physical therapy and add value to your home.
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