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SALT Systems

Are the fiberglass pools sold by Wideman Pools salt water?

Answer: No... But, you can purchase & add a salt system to your new pool if you would like!

We don't want a chlorine pool, we want salt water...

Answer: Salt water pools are still chlorine pools.  They will require less chlorine to sanitize the water, but there is still chlorine being generated into the pool.

What are the benefits of salt water pools?

Answer: Because you will be using *less* chlorine, the smell will be lessened, if you have sensitive eyes or skin they will be less irritated.

What are the negatives of salt water pools?

Answer: Salt is corrosive.  There will be more wear n' tear on your concrete and your pool equipment.  You will also need to replace the salt cell.

UV Systems

What is a UV System?

Answer: It is a UV light that the water filters through, killing bacteria, then cycles back into the pool.  It's an alternative sanitation option to keep your water clean.


Is it still a chlorine pool?

Answer: Adding a UV system means it will still be a chlorine pool.  They will require less chlorine to sanitize the water.

What are the benefits of the UV system?


Healthiest possible pool option

Chemistry is easier to control

Extends the life of pool equipment

No more SHOCK needed

Pet friendly to not harm animals

Stops all bacteria in water caused by animals/pets

Eliminates chlorine smell

Does not affect PH like salt systems do

Does not require storage of any chemicals

Better water clarity


Doctors use UV to sanitize their tools...

Airplane bathrooms are sanitized by UV...

Disney uses UV to sanitize all of their water parks...

Call us today to talk more about our salt and UV systems!

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